When Your Bike is Written-Off

What can you do when your Bike is written off?

An engineer will inspect your bike after an accident and it may well be that he decides that it is not economical to repair it (“BER” – beyond economical repair).

Your bike will be classed as a total loss and the engineer will put figures both on the value of your bike before the accident (“PAV” – pre-accident value) and the value of the salvage of your bike.

You will receive a cheque for the net PAV which will be the PAV of your bike less the salvage value.

In most situations the salvage of the bike remains your property. RSS will advise you of the best way of disposing of the salvage should you decide to get rid of it. More often than not we will be able to help you get a better price than the figures put on the salvage by the engineer.

Salvage Categories

One thing that you must be aware of is the salvage category that will be placed on your bike by the engineer. This has important consequences for what you can do with it.

The categories of salvage are:

Category A

Put simply, your bike is dead. This means that nothing on the bike can be kept and it must be destroyed by law. There will normally have to be a “crushing certificate” and the salvage value is zero.

Category B

Your bike frame is damaged and the bike cannot be put back on the road unless you obtain a new frame and have the bike put back on the road. It can, however, be broken down for parts.

Category C

Your bike will have suffered mechanical as well as cosmetic damage that will usually render it uneconomical to repair but you can always put it back on the road.

Category D

Although this means that your bike will have only suffered cosmetic damage, the cost of replacement parts means that your bike will still be uneconomical to repair.

However, in most circumstances you can decide whether or not to repair, partly repair with sourced second hand parts or get rid of the salvage.

Don’t forget:

Your bike will be registered on databases (including insurance company databases) as having been written off. The practical effect of this is that should you be involved in another accident in the future with your bike, then its’ PAV will be less.

Finally be aware that when you go to sell your bike any HPI check (Hire Purchase Investigation) will show that your bike was a previous total loss – this will again affect the value of your bike.

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