Motorcyclists and U-turns

This type of accident happens frequently. You need a specialist motorcycle accident solicitor to act on your behalf so that you get the best result possible. There are actually a number of cases that are supportive of bikes:



  • Car struck in traffic jam – straight road
  • Bike overtaking queue of traffic – nothing coming the other way
  • Bike 5 lengths from the car when it does a u-turn and there is a collision
Court Decision: Car 100% at fault – the Court decided that the bike was too close to the car when it made it’s decision to do the u-turn – there was nothing the biker could do to avoid the impact so he was not at fault.
RSS Says: A very sensible decision that takes account of real road conditions – they have to check their mirrors!



  • Car stuck in traffic does a sudden u-turn
  • Bike filtering at 45 mph – severe impact – no braking
  • Bike was very close when car turned
Court Decision: 100% in biker’s favour
RSS Says: EVEN though the biker was travelling too fast it was shown that if he had been travelling at a safe speed he would have still suffered the same injuries.

*Please remember that although these cases are precedents, each case is settled/decided upon its’ own unique set of circumstances and the evidence that is available.

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