Speed of itself is not an act of negligence however if you were riding too fast there may be consequences.

When bikers and scooter owners are involved in a crash, speed will often be identified by an opposing insurance company as the cause of the collision — even when there is little or no evidence that the rider was speeding.

RSS has been established for 20 years and our firm specialises in dealing with motorcycle accidents where a rider’s speed has allegedly caused the collision. There is undoubtedly a negative attitude toward motorcyclists — from insurance companies, car drivers and the Courts.

If you have been involved in an accident, contact us fast. You need a firm like ours with the expertise and commitment to fight your corner. We will immediately identify and collate details of all involved parties and contact witnesses and the police to establish the precise circumstances of the accident. We’ll ensure you don’t lose out on the compensation you deserve.

Never accept the blame when you weren’t at fault. Sometimes you can get something even when the case looks hopeless.



  • Van emerged from junction 60 metres in front of articulated lorry on main road
  • Bike overtook articulated lorry at 60/70 mph in hatched area and hit van
Court Decision: Biker 80% at fault
RSS Says: The biker was traveling way too fast, knew the road very well, and breached The Highway Code in overtaking at that point.
Given the circumstances a 20% recovery of losses doesn’t seem too bad.

If you feel pressurised by your lawyer or an insurer to accept responsibility, we will happily take your case on. The case above shows that even if you are partly to blame, your claim might be worth pursuing. We have the energy and commitment to pursue it and may still be able to get you substantial damages.

* Please remember that although these cases are precedents, each case is settled/decided upon its own unique set of circumstances and the evidence that is available.

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