There are a large number of cases relating to filtering and you need to know that you have a motorcycle solicitor representing you who will not only fight your corner hard but will also have a good knowledge of the law in this area.

Each case is unique and much will depend on the witnesses, road layout and speed of the vehicles involved. The cases detailed here will show you why it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that the right research and investigation can be undertaken to achieve the best result.



  • Car intended to turn right into main road
  • Car flashed out by stationary vehicle in queue of traffic
  • Car edged out but collided with overtaking bike ridden at moderate speed and in the second lane
Court Decision: 100% fault of the car
RSS Says: So it should be!



  • Bus turning left and bike goes round the front
  • Car is pulling out of junction (has to before coach can turn in)
  • Car hits the bike
Court Decision : 100% fault of the car
RSS Says: Watch out for idiots doing this – people will just shoot out assuming you won’t be there.



  • Bike overtaking car with junction on other side of the road
  • Car turned into junction without looking or indicating
  • Collision
Court Decision: 2/3 – 1/3 in the biker’s favour
RSS Says: This happens all the time – it is always going to be a risk when you overtake, especially at a junction.



  • Lorry on main road indicating and about to turn left
  • Allows vehicle out of junction so that can enter the junction himself
  • Scooter overtakes lorry and hits car
Court Decision: 100% AGAINST scooter rider
RSS Says: Not a good case at all. The car pulled out at 5-8 mph and the rider overtook the lorry at 30mph. The rider’s manoeuvre was deemed “reckless”.
Be careful – in this specific circumstance the rider lost completely.

*Please remember that although these cases are precedents, each case is settled/decided upon its own unique set of circumstances and the evidence that is available.

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