Fatal Accidents

Motorcyclists are vulnerable: we all know the lack of protection on a bike means riders figure disproportionately in fatal road accident statistics. As a biker, the thought of a fatal crash is probably always at the back of your mind. What would happen? Who would look after the interests of my family and those I leave behind?

At RSS we have been dedicated to protecting the interests of riders and their families for 20 years. Based in London, we advise clients all over the country.

Fatal Accident Compensation

When the unthinkable happens, we offer understanding and supportive guidance to families and loved ones. Whilst a claim for compensation will be the last thing on your mind you need to get a solicitor involved as soon as possible. This may be because you have lost the main breadwinner in your household and this is going to cause significant financial pressures.

You will also need help and guidance if there is an Inquest. This is an independent enquiry by a Coroner and you will need specialist assistance and representation at this stage so that the circumstances of the accident are properly investigated to discover what actually happened and achieve a measure of justice for your loved one.

Claims following a fatal accident can only be made by certain categories of people, including the spouse of the deceased, children and parents. We can advise on:

  • Dependency claims — Including claims for loss of financial support and pension rights
  • Bereavement awards — Available to certain relatives, this is a fixed sum paid by the government. The current amount payable is £12,980
  • Claims by the estate of the deceased — Including claims for pain and suffering, medical expenses and funeral expenses

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We understand that if you have recently lost a loved one, compensation will not be your highest priority but you do need help and guidance through this difficult time from an early stage. Call RSS on 0208 246 4900 or contact us online. We are on your side.